Network Managed Services (Remote Monitoring & Maintenance)

Proactive Monitoring/Maintenance

Why wait for a problem to happen? Know everything possible about your systems, equipment, applications and network before a problem arises. CM2 IT Services automatically analyses, diagnoses and resolves issues by remotely accessing your equipment before they become problems to you, saving you time and money.

CM2 IT Services can monitor your network including Servers and Workstations. When an error occurs, we are notified and quickly work to resolve the issue. Our Remote Management & Monitoring solution can be installed quickly and requires minimal effort on your part. It provides an easy to use interface that you as the client can access if you wish.

Server and workstation health

Sometimes poor network performance, slow servers and unexplained crashes are down to poorly performing or under resourced devices. Problems like these can be hard to diagnose especially when the device is currently misbehaving. CM2 IT Services continuously monitors the health of network devices and will alert you to problems as they start to happen.

Remote Access

CM2 IT Services can have remote access to any registered device meaning we are able to access a device and either fix the issue(s) quickly and easily without disturbing you or can assist a user either with support there and then.

Patch management

CM2 IT Services has a complete suite of patch management tools in one application.  With new vulnerabilities announced every week and hundreds of different applications running on our customers’ networks, deploying effective patch management is critical to being able to maintain the health and security of your systems.

Alerting & Viewing with Immediate notification

CM2 IT Services is notified immediately when problems occur giving us information as to what device has the problem and what the problem is – vital information for resolution.

Hardware/software Asset Tracking & Inventory

Do you need to know exactly what is in use on your network? CM2 IT Services’ Asset tracking built in to our Remote Management & Monitoring offering is included for every registered device giving you detailed reports on hardware and software installed across your network.  Especially useful to find users installing their own software without your knowledge.

In-depth systems reporting

CM2 IT Services will give you detailed reports as to the health of your system on a weekly, monthly or both basis. We can use these reports to recommend updates/upgrades that would improve your network’s performance and allow us to demonstrate trends with any recurring problems.

Mail Protection

Take the worry out of looking after your Email security with our Email filtering, archiving and continuity with access if your email server is unavailable.

This is a pay as you use service charged on a per user basis – Contact us now for a quote!


You can continue accessing, responding to, and sending email messages, even in the event of an on-premise email server or network outage. The continuity feature is always available, easy to use, and it goes without saying extremely valuable in the event of a problem with your mail infrastructure.

Industry-leading virus protection

CM2 IT Services’ Mail Protection service provides a unique combination of technologies to defend against email borne threats, including zero-hour antivirus defense, virtualization-based malware detection technology, and traditional signature-based antivirus engines – together resulting in unmatched malware defense.

Inbound and outbound spam filtering

Robust, highly accurate and adaptive spam detection improves productivity by blocking junk email, including emerging new spam variants. The service also prevents inappropriate messages from being sent from a customer's network - protecting your company’s reputation, improving overall email deliverability, and alerting CM2 IT Services as to the presence of any compromised systems.

Network defense

CM2 IT Services’ Mail Protection service prevents directory harvest attacks and email-based denial of service attacks by limiting and controlling inbound SMTP traffic, protecting your network and your mail server.

Other Mail Protection features:

  • Intuitive web-ased control panel
  • Hosted individual junk mail quarantines
  • Message logging and search
  • Optional integrated archive