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CM2 IT Services

Great Baddow


Essex, CM2 9RP

Call us on: 01245 492288

CM2 IT Services

Great Baddow


Essex CM2 9RP


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cm2 IT Services, Great Baddow, Essex: phone

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Frequently asked questions

cm2 IT Services, Great Baddow, Essex, FAQs

My computer is misbehaving – what should I do?

It may sound like a cliché but if your PC misbehaves simply shutting it down and then waiting a few minutes before powering it back up again can sometimes fix simple problems. Doesn’t help? Contact us today.

I think I have got a virus – what should I do?

Stop! Don’t open or click any links from suspicious looking emails – delete any emails where you don’t recognise the name/subject matter. Do not use any online service that requires you to login - Contact us now!

My computer seems to be running slow – why?

There could be a few reasons for this happening … Your laptop might have got programmes installed that you don’t use/or no longer need or didn’t even know were there (Including malware running). A simple health check can be carried out by us - we will let you know our findings and then recommend the best course of action. The other reason could be due to lack of memory. A memory upgrade could be all it takes.

Email us now.

I have broken the screen on my laptop – do I need to buy a new laptop?

Stop! Before you go out and buy a new laptop (or ask us about quoting you for a new one) there’s a good chance that your laptop can be saved and a replacement screen fitted. Email us now stating the Make/Model of your laptop and we will get back to you with a cost for replacing a screen – it may be cheaper than you think.

I have just bought a new computer – how can I move files & photos and my iTunes library from my old PC to my new one?

We can do this for you, making sure that all files are transferred from your old computer over to your new one. Email us now for a quote.

I think I have lost my photos! I can’t seem to locate them on my laptop in the folder they are supposed to be in!

Calm down! All might not be lost. We use forensic software that can recover data from your hard drive. Have you accidently deleted photos from your digital camera? Yes. Even photos deleted from digital cameras aren’t actually completely deleted – these too can usually be recovered. Stop using the device and Contact us today.


Remember to keep all the manuals, disks (with product key) which came with your PC just in case things go wrong and your PC needs to be rebuilt.